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Sora is New on Overdrive

Posted: 20th November 2019 by Jill Gann in Uncategorized

This is new with Overdrive WHAT IS SORA? Sora is a reading and listening app from Overdrive that allows users to access  ebooks and audiobooks on most any device. Getting Started Download the FREE Sora app from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or Search for KPBSD Main Collection using ZIP CODE ~ […]

Trower ELA 12

Posted: 6th November 2019 by Jill Gann in Uncategorized

Trower European Authors Resource LA 12 Make sure you go back to the main resources on SLED  if you are having trouble with the links. Use your author and title of works in quotes and type criticism this should help you with finding some You can always search the library website for more resources or looking […]

Trower AP Lit APA Resources

Posted: 4th November 2019 by Jill Gann in Research, Uncategorized

Trower APA  AP Lit APA OWL Trower 2019   APA sample Document OWL   Owl at Purdue If you need more information about citing check APA Citation Citation website for APA   Trower APA Format 19  Word document for example   Plagiarism Videos Plagiarism Saturday Night Live Plagiarism from Otis Library Setting up your APA Paper Setting […]