Library Vision and Goals

By Jill Gann


The library fosters a community of learning and literacy that leads to high academic
achievement, independent reading and learning, and collaboration throughout the school.


Students are motivated and independent learners.
ƒStudents successfully employ information literacy, technology, and critical thinking skills in
subject-area learning experiences.
ƒStudents are engaged in independent reading and inquiry-based learning.

The library is a powerful intellectual and social space where students and teachers gather ideas,
exchange points of view, and learn together.
ƒStudents and teachers have access to certified school library media specialist.
ƒStudents have equitable access to the library and its resources.
ƒThe library provides access to high-quality resources in a variety of formats that support
curricular and instructional goals and respond to diverse student needs and interests.
ƒThe library facility is welcoming, with a climate conducive to individual and shared learning.
ƒCurrent technology is available and operable to support multiple learning experiences in the
library and remote access to library resources.

The library program supports a culture of literacy throughout the school.
ƒTeachers integrate resources and information-literacy skills into every classroom.
ƒTeachers collaborate with the librarian and other teachers to optimize instruction and curriculum

The library fosters a professional learning community.
ƒTeachers, principals, and librarians engage in ongoing professional development.
ƒLibrarians facilitate professional dialogue and networking among teachers, principals, and other
librarians to support continuous improvement of practice.